Bright green, healthy yard with lawn care in Haymarket, VA.

Lawn Care Services in Warrenton, Gainesville, Haymarket, Nokesville, Manassas, & Nearby Areas

Our expert lawn care services include fertilization, weed control, aeration, overseeding, and more.

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Lawn care treatments for properties in Gainesville, Warrenton, and other areas of northern Virginia.

We fertilize your grass, provide weed control application, aerate your lawn, and much more.

Healthy home lawn with a landscape bed near Gainesville, VA.

If you want a green, beautiful lawn, then it will take some work to make it happen. Routine fertilization treatments, weed control applications, and aeration are just some of the lawn care tasks required to create and maintain a healthy lawn. We are certified horticulturists with expertise in plant care and health to keep your lawn vivid and bright throughout the season.

At Mason's Lawn & Landscape, we've been working with northern Virginia lawns since 1992 and have valuable experience treating residential properties in Gainesville, Warrenton, Haymarket, and nearby areas. Learn more about our lawn care services.

We apply fertilization and weed control in spring, summer, and fall.

One of the most important aspects of lawn care is a routine program with fertilization and weed control. We offer organic treatments as well as hybrid organic and chemical options. These are applied in:

  1. Early Spring
  2. Spring
  3. Early Summer
  4. Summer
  5. Early Fall
  6. Late Fall

Each treatment is done with granular fertilizer and liquid weed control. Our weed control treatments tackle common weeds in our area such as crabgrass, clover, chickweed, and more. If you have nutsedge, we can treat for that at an extra cost. Along with fertilization and weed control, we also offer lime applications.

We guarantee in two seasons that our lawn care program will give you the best lawn among your neighbors.

Aeration and overseeding services foster healthy grass growth.

Lawn aeration infographic for Warrenton, VA.

We also provide core aeration and overseeding services, generally in September and October. These are included with our lawn care program and we recommend doing them on an annual basis since our clay soil becomes very compacted during the year. Core aeration pokes holes in the soil to loosen it, which is why we pair it with overseeding so that the grass seeds can sink further into the dirt and establish stronger roots. If you need dethatching, we also remove thatch buildup at this time.

Other lawn care services include grub control, topdressing, and lawn disease treatment.

If you need grub control treatments, we provide preventative control around May or June to stop these larvae before they hatch and destroy your grass.

When it comes to lawn disease, the best treatment is to be proactive with a strong lawn care program—but if your grass does fall victim to brown patch, dollar spot, or others, we will put down a fungicide treatment to stop it from spreading.

Topdressing is another beneficial service that should be done in the fall. It takes about four weeks to work down into the soil, but it provides organic matter that nourishes the soil and grass.

Looking for a top-tier lawn care program in northern Virginia? Contact us for more information.

At Mason's Lawn & Landscape, we take our almost 30 years of experience and use them to cultivate beautiful, healthy lawns throughout northern Virginia. Our lawn care professionals will expertly administer each treatment with high attention to detail. If you are looking for a top-tier program, contact us today at (703) 594-4769 for more information!

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